SolarVill® Solar cable - Quality Made in Germany

Cross section
(in mm

Price per
(minimum 500 m)  

Outer diameter (in mm +/- 0.20mm)  Copper weight (kg/km)  Cable weight (app. kg/km)  
 4.0   0,59 €  5.2   38.4   59  
 6.0   0,84 €  5.9   57.6   81  

Prices net + shipping // available colours: black, red, blue

® is a PV cable for the interconnection of solar moduls, panel strings and inverters.
PV1-F marking shows and guarantees you the up to date safety standards for PV plants
according to the DKE requirements.

- Fixed installation or steady movement in free motion without tensile load
- Specially made for the outdoor installation with direct solar radiation or
  the installation in dry or wet locations
- Not to be used as buried cable

Technical properties:
- According to PV1-F VDE and TÜV requirements:
- Conductor according to DIN EN 60 228 class 5 tinned
- Short-circuit proof up to 200°C/ 5s
- Hot set test at 200°C
- Deformation test up to 140°C
- Nominal Voltage [U0/U] AC 0.6/1.0 kV
- Test Voltage [online test] 10 kV
- Test Voltage AC 6,5 kV
- Maximum DC voltage 1,8 kV (conductor-conductor, non earthed system,
  circuit not under load)
- Long term aging behaviour 20,000 h at 120°C
- Resistance to acid and lye
- Ozone resistant and UV resistant
- Halogenfree
- Temperature range fixed: -40°C up to +90°C
- Maximum Temperature at the conductor +120°C
- Additional product characteristics:
- Hot set test at 250°C
- AC Voltage resistance [increase 2 kV / 5 min] > 30 kV
- Insulation resistance at 20°C > 800 MOhmkm
- Insulation resistance at 90°C > 50 MOhmkm
- Sea water resistant
- Temperature range fixed: moved: -50°C up to +150°C-25°C up to +125°C
- Minimum bending radius fixed: moved: 5 x diameter 10 x diameter

- Flame retardent and halogen-free
- No corrosive gases and low smoke density
- The material properties of insulation and jacket dispose of excellent resistance to   
  weather and abrasion and are highly UV-proof
- The temperature range and weatherproof features allow the usage even in rough climate
- Very flexible construction for high mechanical load
- Easy stripping of insulation and jacket
- All materials are RoHS and REACH compliant
- Expected period of use is 25 years

Technical informations and data sheet of SolarVill PV cable here for download