SMA Sunny Island 2024

SMA Sunny Island 2224 - Compact and powerful for small off-grid systems

Ideal for the lower power range in the SMA product portfolio: The Sunny Island 2224 do not only cover all proven characteristics of the Sunny Island 5048. Reduced in weight and volume, the devices are even easier to operate and install. The high IP54 protection class and the Sunny Remote Control service unit ensure maximum flexibility when choosing the site. Easy-to-use technology at the highest level: an unbeatable combination for off-grid systems up to 9 kW.

For systems from 1 kW to 9 kW
- Single and three-phase operation, connectable in parallel and modularly
extendableAC and DC coupling

- Simple installation
- Complete off-grid management
- Easy and remote configuration and monitoring with Sunny Remote Control

- High efficiency
- Intelligent battery management for maximum battery life
- Charge level calculation

- For indoor and outdoor installation
- Outstanding overload properties
- Very wide temperature range
- 5-year SMA warranty

Technical datasheet of SMA Sunny Island 2012 for download


SMA Sunny Island 4248

Stand-Alone Grids - Easier Than Ever

Easy installation, safe operation and an outstanding price-performance ratio: The Sunny Island 3324 and 4248 battery inverters are especially suitable for use in small and mid-sized stand-alone grids. The devices guarantee a reliable and high-quality power supply. Due to their outstanding overload capabilities and the fact that they are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures, these devices can be used under extreme weather conditions.

- For systems from 2 kW to 5 kW
- AC and DC coupling
- Comfortable installation

- High efficiency
- Excellent price-performance ratio

- Extreme overload capacity
- 5-year SMA warranty

Technical datasheet of SMA Sunny Island 4248 for download