SMA Sunny Mini Central

No Other Pays Off Faster

Peak efficiencies of 98 % and a low specific price: The Sunny Mini Centrals promise high yields and short payback times.

The devices are optimally suited to the setup of mid-range PV systems from 15 kW. They are fitted with die-cast aluminum housings and can be installed outdoors close to the generator graded power classes ensure maximum planning freedom.

 SMA Sunny Mini Central 7000 HV

The champion for thin-film projects

Reduced installation costs thanks to greater input voltage range: with the Sunny Mini Central 7000HV, more modules can be connected in series than with common inverters. This reduces cabling costs on the DC side and simplifies the installation. Due to its galvanic isolation, the Sunny Mini Central 7000HV can be used both with crystalline cells and thin film modules. Its performance range permits the installation of large PV plants made up of smaller units, which allows for more detailed system monitoring. Its new reactive power and grid management functions mean it is also suitable for international use.

Technical datasheet for  download

 SMA Sunny Mini Central 9000TL / 10000TL / 11000TL

Precise plant design for maximum yield

Simple realization of medium and large PV plants from 27 kWp up to the megawatt range: the Sunny Mini Central inverters in the performance classes from nine to eleven kW allow almost limitless possibilities, and are easy to combine. The combination of high efficiency and low specific price ensures a short amortization time. In addition, the decentralized plant design helps to keep maintenance costs low. SMA's Sunny Mini Central: state-of-the-art technology which pays off with every sunbeam.

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