HT Instruments SOLAR I-V

Price: 3.359,00 EUR net + shipping

Multifunction instrument for testing and verifying single-phase PV installations.

SOLAR I-V has been designed to meet any requirement of photovoltaic installation testers. Further to providing the possibility of testing and measuring the efficiency of single-phase photovoltaic systems and also measures the I-V characteristic both of a single module and of module strings. Thanks to SOLAR I-V, the operator can test the photovoltaic system and, should it give a negative result, immediately identify the problems of the system in order to promptly solve them.

SOLAR I-V is provided with the remote unit SOLAR-02 for measuring irradiation and temperature. The synchronization between main unit and remote unit, by radio-frequency (RF) wireless connection, guarantees the necessary simultaneity of measurements. SOLAR I-V also manages a database of photovoltaic modules, which can be updated at anytime.

The measured I-V characteristic is not affected by the resistance of the measurement cables, as it is carried out with the 4-terminal measuring method. The measured values, correctly reported at standard test conditions, are immediately compared with the values declared by the manufacturer to give the OK /NO result of the test. The operator must not do any calculation, the instrument carries out the comparison rapidly and automatically.