HT Instruments PVCHECK

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Multifunction instrument for safety, functionality and performance checks on a PV plant.

The multifunction instrument PVCHECK allows prompt and safe electrical checks required for a PV system (section DC) and controls the functionality of modules / strings in accordance with IEC/EN62446 guideline. PVCHECK verifies the continuity of the protective conductors (and the associated connections) and executes the measurement of the insulation resistance of the active conductors on a module, a string or photovoltaic field in accordance with the requirements of IEC/EN62446, without the need to use an external switch to put in short-circuit the positive and negative terminals.

PVCHECK allows verification of the functionality of a PV string in accordance with the requirements of IEC/EN62446 by measuring the open circuit voltage and short-circuit current at operating conditions and reporting the results to STC (by measurement of radiation). Finally it provides an immediate outcome concerning the measurements carried out in absolute terms and by comparison with the previously PV strings tested.

PVCHECK also allows carrying out performance analysis of PV array (DC) when it is under operating conditions (connected to the inverter) providing an indication of the power generated and the efficiency of the field as specified by IEC/EN62446