Danfoss TLX+ and Pro+ inverter series from 6.0 - 15.0 KW

Technical data sheet for Danfoss TLX series

The TLX inverter series, with efficiency of 98 % deliver maximum energy in all conditions. Transformer-less design, advanced electronics and optimised internal connections reduce potential energy losses.

Balanced three-phase AC output ensures grid compliance at all times and precise MPP tracking at 99.9 % in steady conditions and 99.8 % indynamic conditions enable the inverter to harvest all the energy of the PV modules.

The TLX inverter is designed for high performance. Integrating 1000 V input range, 250-800 V MPP range and multiple DC inputs with each their own individually regulated MPP tracker, allows for more modules in a series and longer strings, while providing greater flexibility in the PV setup.

The TLX Pro series includes master inverter technology capable of controlling up to 100 inverters from a single inverter. Likewise, the integrated webserver, which allows you to control, monitor and adjust your PV system from any computer, comes standard on the TLX Pro.

The TLX inverter series includes the Danfoss Smart Technologies: a combination of features, which makes the TLX inverters unique in the market: EnergySmartTM DesignSmartTM TrackSmartTM and ControlSmartTM

Monitoring and data collection in one system
TLX Pro takes system surveillance to another level, integrating all monitoring and data collection in one system for the first time. Among the highlights for system management is a built-in web server. This gives you access to all key data - anytime, anywhere.

Build-in monitoring highlights:
Integrated web server
Integrated data logger
High-speed Ethernet connection
Automated alerts
User interface back-up

Streamlined control with Master Inverter
With the new Master Inverter functionality, TLX Pro once again raises the bar for efficient string inverter control. Combined with the TLX Pro's integrated communication options, the Master Inverter provides a unique facility to access and manage your PV system around the clock.

Master Inverter highlights:
Control 100 inverters from one place
Receive performance updates by SMS or email
Install and replace inverters rapidly