The Danfoss DLX series of transformer based string inverters defines a new level of
efficiency, flexibility and user friendliness. 97.3%: Maximum efficiency. World class performance in a transformer based solution.

Flexibility gives more options
Galvanic isolation makes the DLX suitable for all PV cell technologies. The IP65 die cast aluminium casing allows for indoor or outdoor mounting. Convection cooling gives consistent performance even under high ambient temperatures and reduces noise issues.

Weighing between 19 and 21 kg, the DLX is easy to handle and mount. The two-way interactive display offers multiple languages for easy country configuration.

Simple to monitor on, or off site
The full-colour screen has an intuitive user-interface with clear and easy to access graphs and diagrams. A full monitoring solution is built-in and no extra PC software is required. For larger sites, a single inverter acts as a monitoring hub, to provide a single point of access for performance checks – either remotely or on-site – at any time.

ConnectSmart™ compliant
Connecting to a CLX solution provides further monitoring and control options. The ConnectSmart™ technology of the CLX series, offers real time monitoring anywhere, anytime via smartphone, tablet or computer.

 Danfoss DLX 2.0 2000W    no longer available
 Danfoss DLX 2.9 2900W    no longer available
 Danfoss DLX 3.8 3800W    no longer available
 Danfoss DLX 4.6 4600W    no longer available

All prices net per unit + shipping

Technical datasheet of Danfoss DLX inverter for download

 Danfoss TLX+ 6 Danfoss TLX Pro+ 6 Danfoss DLX 2.0
 Danfoss TLX+ 8 Danfoss TLX Pro+ 8 Danfoss DLX 2.9
 Danfoss TLX+ 10 Danfoss TLX Pro+ 10 Danfoss DLX 3.8
 Danfoss TLX+ 12.5 Danfoss TLX Pro+ 12.5 Danfoss DLX 4.6
 Danfoss TLX+ 15 Danfoss TLX Pro+ 15 
 Danfoss ULX 1800i/MV Danfoss ULX 3000i/HV 
 Danfoss ULX 1800i/HV Danfoss ULX 4000i/MV 
 Danfoss ULX 3000i/MV Danfoss ULX 4000i/HV