KACO Powador 7700-INT / 7700 supreme-INT

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Large string inverter - KACO Powador 7700-INT / KACO Powador 7700 supreme-INT 

KACO Powador 7700 with a maximum AC power of 6,400 VA. As a single unit suitable
for PV installations with a generator power up to 7,700 W.

All units from the Powador 7700 to the Powador 9600 include transformerless topology without a step-up converter. DC disconnects and string fuses are already integrated. This provides maximum safety and reliability for the system operator and makes the installer’s job easier.

These inverters are designed as a trio, with each unit feeding into one of the three phases. This allows each unit to optimally utilise the voltage range of a photovoltaic system that has been divided into three sub-generators. The integrated SYM bus ensures that any potential asymmetry does not exceed the maximum permitted limit of 4.6 kW, even when there is a fault in a unit. They represent an alternative to central inverters (depending on the system design). Since all of our transformerless string inverters can also be combined with one another as required, they allow you almost unlimited freedom in planning, from 2 kW upwards.

Top performance among the middleweights
With the standard setting, the Powador 7700 – 9600 supreme inverters operate at a clock frequency of 18 kHz. Those who want to get even more out of these units can operate them in Power Boost mode, at a clock frequency of 9 kHz. That reduces the already-low switching losses of the power semiconductor even further and makes the degree of efficiency even higher.

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